Thursday, September 25, 2008

Clutter is a sure sign of an organized person!

Wiped your drink off your screen yet? Sorry about that. I had said a while ago that I'm a very organized person and promised to someday tell you how the clutter supports that theory. Well here it is... yes folks, clutter is a sign of an organized person! With a shout out to George Carlin and his brilliant routine 'a place for my stuff', here's how it works. I've spent years looking at my clutter ~ cursing it even. I've been overwhelmed by it and at a loss to figure out where it came from or where in the world it's all going to go. I considered moving house ~ delusional that moving would force me to pare down my belongings. Then I realized if I move to somewhere big enough to have a place for all my stuff... I'll just get more stuff. I've given some away, and I've felt very good about that. The money raised from the sale will help folks who need ... well.. stuff. I've forced myself to let go of some of those things I've kept because "I can use that for something someday". I rationalized that I am in a position to buy another if in fact a need arose so why not? Of course, predictably, I have been asked for just those things the very week I let them go ~ reinforcing the fear that made me keep it all in the first place.

So the other week when I wrote the sentence: I am a very organized person, I looked up from my computer and chuckled. If they could see what I see, I'd lose all credibility right there. But actually as I thought about it, I have everything. No matter what anyone asks for... no matter what kluged solution or tool I need to create to facilitate my craft... I have enough stuff to make it work. Plus, I have a pretty strong mental inventory of what all is where in this collection so I think I'm better off than I thought I was.

This realization helped me to actually conquer the clutter and reclaim my kitchen... and that's just the beginning. No, I don't believe I actually will ever have a day where I suddenly NEED 25 glass jars. I now only have a few ~ one each in different sizes. Thank goodness we have recycling collection twice a week here ~ I'm gonna keep them pretty busy for a while. LOL

So folks, the moral is... celebrate your clutter if you ever want to conquer it! ☺


Krazy Kate Designs said...

I was just discussing the topic the other day! Your blog makes me feel better. :)

CustomMoonlight Jewelry Design said...

Glad I could help Kate, thanks for stopping by!! ☺

Remember When Creations said...

We all have clutter, unless you are my Mom, who's retired & picks up everything little thing constantly. I come from an extremely neat, organized home, but that was my Mom's JOB - she was a domestic engineer & had 5 kids. So, we're all going to have CHAOS in our house & that's the way it is. I agree w/you wholeheartedly!

- Jan

Seaconnet Loft said...

I know it's time to clear up the chaotic clutter when I have no room on my work table to actually make anything :)

C said...

lolol that actually makes sense! my desk is full of stuff that i never throw away because i always think... one day i'm going to need it!

agoodwitchtoo said...

Too funny!!! I call it organized chaos :)