Friday, September 12, 2008

My Sister's wedding!

Last weekend, my little sister got married at Boston's historic Fenway Park! Ordinarily emotional enough to cry at Taster's Choice commercials (what ever happened to that couple????), I managed to hold it together pretty well until my brother-in-law said his vows. He promised to be the man of my sister's dreams for the rest of her life!!! I love this guy. They were beaming. Devoted Red Sox fans (generations before they were even born), exchanging their vows on the third base deck, taking pictures at the red seat and partying in the EMC club was their dream come true!!! It was a dream come true for all who got to go along for the ride too (except maybe their NY friends... who my mother craftily seated very close to the World Series Trophies at the reception!) Given the amazing venue, it's no surprise that all of our vendors had plenty of volunteers to help on the day... there may have been more vendors and assistants than there were guests LOL. Stay tuned for information on all the wonderful folks we worked with to make this day perfect! If you're getting married in New England, these are the folks to call!!!! Here are links to the blogs of our photographers. Below those are pics I took of the jewelry I made for the bridal party. The Bride's pearls, lever back earrings (same pearls as the Bride's) for the ladies reading in the ceremony and the sapphire/kyanite chandeliers are MINE!!!! ☺


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Remembering BK and MB today and every day.

This is the shirt I am wearing. It is the MOST expensive shirt I've ever owned. I paid $175 for this hockey shirt in October 2001 because it was a fund raiser for the families of the service people who gave themselves this day 7 years ago, that others might be saved. It honors the NYPD, FDNY and the PAPD (port authority police department). The patches on the sleeves are of the statue of liberty and the towers themselves. It is not the most expensive shirt because of it's price tag but rather because of the lives lost that inspired it's creation. I also want to recognize the 8 EMTs not included on the shirt who also gave all that day. I wear it often, proudly to remind me ~ and others ~ that we stood united that day. All exactly the same ~ devastated, shocked, incredulous. Whatever differences we had at 8 AM that day were gone an hour later. We were one. I wish we could be that way every day.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Back to Blogger!

Haven't been here in a while. I'm used to blogging in a forum more like a chatroom so I guess I got a little discouraged when I posted here and received no comments but I'm back ~ better than ever. If you have a few minutes, please check out my first attempt at video promotion!

I'll try to keep my rants on topic but with an election coming up that might be a little difficult ☺. I've seen so many fellow Etsians on the forums showing off their blogs here so I'm looking forward to using the new gadget to keep up with everyone! That's it for me for now. Please check back early and often! ~Moon