Saturday, November 22, 2008

What makes me sparkle?

My ebay auctions used to have a glitter graphic that said 'sparkle on...' and I always wish folks sparkly dreams when I sign off in a public forum. Many times, I'll get a comment from someone who particularly likes that sentiment and that always makes me smile. But what makes me sparkle? Well, aside from the obvious ~ my family, giggly children and adorable fuzzy fourfoots... I love being able to make beautiful jewelry that makes someone feel a little bit more special. One of my mother's co-workers buys something from me every Christmas for his mother. As I prepare for the holidays I always make something with 'Tommy's Mommy' in mind but this year was a little different. This year, I went to a trade show specifically looking for something unique that would celebrate a delicate and proper lady. I wanted her to have something that was chosen and created for her from scratch this time. Not that there's anything wrong with all the wicked cool sparkly stuff I have in stock, but there's something extra special about having something that was completely inspired by you. I take my Mum with me to the shows. She's my VP of quality control, helping me to choose the best strands of the gemstone beads I want. She's also there to make sure I don't spend every penny I have and most of the credit available to me, but I'm not supposed to know that (wink). She spotted a strand of pastel potato pearls in colors we've never seen together before (blue, green, yellow, pink, purple) and with the most amazing lustre they are almost mirrors! When Mum told Tommy what I was making for his mother's Christmas present he was almost giddy. He was so excited to be able to tell his mother the story behind her pearls. That's sparkle... and making someone that happy, makes me sparkle too.

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and sparkly Thanksgiving!