Monday, September 22, 2008

Wear your heart on your sleeve!

Or at least your brand! I just received my first "free" hat from Vista and I can't believe how great the quality is. It was so good, I just ordered a "free" t-shirt too! The hat is high end (no hook/loop closure back here folks!) and the printing is excellent ~ photo reproduced perfectly!

Looking for creative ways to get your message out there this holiday shopping season? CLICK HERE!!

You can order up to 10 "free" items per order. There is a production/shipping charge (none of my orders have ever cost more than $25.70 for p/s!!!). Bypass all the partner marketing offers, they'll sign you up for stuff you'll be automatically billed for when the free trial expires. The net result is a wide variety of creative marketing materials for VERY short money!!!

Business Best,

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