Monday, September 29, 2008

Do you know what P4O means?

October is breast cancer awareness month. Please visit for full details on how we can all 'go pink' in some way to help the cause. I would like to invite my fellow Etsians to designate a section of their shop as 'pink for October' to help spread awareness. Add a tag of p4o to your pink items!! Call attention to this extremely important issue ~ it doesn't have to cost you a cent but it can increase your visibility if we all talk about P4O in the forum and chatrooms.

Here's my thread link, please help keep it active by commenting!

I have chosen to donate a portion of the sale of my P4O items to the fight against breast cancer if they sell in the month of October. IF you can afford to do so, I challenge you to as well! If you can't afford to donate, don't underestimate the power of participation by turning your shop/website/blog pink to spread the message, register on the website listed above and your support will be noted on the official site!

Thank you!

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