Thursday, September 11, 2008

Remembering BK and MB today and every day.

This is the shirt I am wearing. It is the MOST expensive shirt I've ever owned. I paid $175 for this hockey shirt in October 2001 because it was a fund raiser for the families of the service people who gave themselves this day 7 years ago, that others might be saved. It honors the NYPD, FDNY and the PAPD (port authority police department). The patches on the sleeves are of the statue of liberty and the towers themselves. It is not the most expensive shirt because of it's price tag but rather because of the lives lost that inspired it's creation. I also want to recognize the 8 EMTs not included on the shirt who also gave all that day. I wear it often, proudly to remind me ~ and others ~ that we stood united that day. All exactly the same ~ devastated, shocked, incredulous. Whatever differences we had at 8 AM that day were gone an hour later. We were one. I wish we could be that way every day.


Silver River Jewelry said...

Very cool! shirt! and I so agree I wish we could be like that every day, without such a massive tragedy to make it happen.

CustomMoonlight Jewelry Design said...

Wow, my first comment here THANK YOU Silver River!!!