Monday, November 3, 2008

November Birthstones

So, you like the idea of wearing your birthstone but Citrine doesn't go with everything you wear. Out of luck? No way! November is rich in alternative birthstones. Here's a preview but for more information please click on the title of this post to go to my website and see all of your options (no matter what month you were born in)!

November Mystical Birthstone: Pearl
November Hindu Birthstone: Cat's Eye

Astrological birthstones depend on when in the month you were born and my website gives a large selection of stones for both Scorpio and Sagittarius. Click Here to see them all!

Wishing all November babies a very happy, healthy birthday and a fabulous year! ☺



Jules said...

g'day moonie :) My birthday is in January, which suits me fine since dark red garnets go well with me. Nice blog hun!

CustomMoonlight Jewelry Design said...

Jules!!!! G'day mate and thanks, your blogs look awesome!! I wanted to follow them but it wasn't enabled yet. I'll be back though, gotta follow your success with the book! ♥