Monday, September 15, 2008

The last minute addition...

I'm a very organized person (someday I'll tell you how the clutter is actually part of that!!!). Having never planned a wedding before (or in Mum's case not since dinosaurs roamed LOL!) we did a great deal of internet research. As the wedding drew near, I was pretty sure we had all the details organized, spreadsheeted (my sister is a project manager) and everything was falling neatly into place. My sister went for her trial run with Tara, a makeup artist she found recommended on the Knot, and we loved how she looked! As an aside, Tara happened to mention she did 'day of coordination'. We had never heard of this in all of our travels and research as we all worked so hard to plan every tiny detail. Having not budgeted for such a service, the rates we found when we looked into it were a bit surprising. Mum ultimately decided it was a fantastic idea to have someone on the day to help with all the little things that have to be just so. She hired Tara to do our makeup and the day of coordination.

We all looked beautiful! Let me tell you folks, if you don't live in New England, I highly recommend twisting her arm and paying Tara's flight and hotel in addition to her makeup and coordination fees. This spitfire was in no less than 5 places at all times! She organized, oversaw and managed everything we discussed ahead of time. Not having planned those details herself, I can only imagine how challenging that can be. Beyond that, she noticed EVERYTHING that happened on the day and coordinated things we hadn't even planned on heaping on her. Our officiant had been delayed. Tara asked us if we had a backup. I don't think she noticed the dumbfounded looks on our faces because she was already looking up a number in her mobile phone!! Fortunately, we didn't need to punt, but if we'd had to ~ she'd have had it covered! Who thinks of a backup officiant???? WOW! She thought of little details we never even considered. Grandma was SOOOOO very impressed when Tara took our pocketbooks for us as we were about to be introduced into the reception. They were at our tables by the time we got there and we never saw her! She should charge extra for the cloaking device!!!

We had a guest with a medical emergency at the beginning of the reception. Without anyone beyond that table knowing, Tara was able to escort the guest out of the event and into an ambulance. She sent her assistant to the hospital so our guest would not be alone and none of us would feel we had to leave the event. With her assistant gone, Tara was still able to do more than any three people could. Because of them, we were all able to experience and enjoy my sister's wedding. Without them, we would have been focused on things and details.

I obviously can't say enough about Tara (and her amazing assistant Christina!!!) so I'll just say here's her website, she's worth at least 5 times what she charges!!!!!
THANK YOU TARA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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